The stela of Ramose is part of a large collection which, thanks to restoration funded by Gli Scarabei, can once again be admired by the public in all its splendor.

The artifact is divided into two registers: in the upper portion, in the center, the goddess Qadesh is depicted standing above a lion. On the right, the god Reshep holds weapons in both hands and wears a crown on his head similar to the white crown of Upper Egypt. On the left, is Min-Amon-Ra, the ithyphallic god of the eastern desert.
The lower register features a man and a woman, both kneeling with arms raised in adoration: they are Ramose the “Royal scribe in the Place of Truth” and his wife Mutemunia.
The two figures are framed by seven columns of hieroglyphics.

The Stela of Ramose
The Stela of Ramose
The Stela of Ramose