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How to become a member of Gli Scarabei?

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Gives members the opportunity to participate at the encounters, exclusive events and all the activities proposed by the Association. These invitations can also be extended to include a guest.

Yearly membership fee: 500 euros


To involve younger patrons, we have created a special membership for people under 25 years of age, which lets them participate at all the initiatives and events organized by the Association. In this case, too, the invitations can be extended to include a guest.

Yearly membership fee: 150 euros


A type of membership created for businesses, giving them not only the opportunity to use the “Gli Scarabei” brand in their own communications, but also providing them full access to the association’s online and offline channels (Internet website, brochures, etc.) for promoting their own brand to their best advantage. Furthermore, Corporate Members may benefit from the support of the Association’s secretariat, to send selected communications to the other Members and to organize their own events in the splendid setting of the Egyptian Museum. Scarabei Corporate members also receive 4 invitations to every activity and event promoted by the Association.

Yearly membership fee: 3,000 euros. This contribution qualifies for tax deductions.​

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