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Gli Scarabei:

Egyptian museum donors


Drawing inspiration from the scarab beetle, one of the most evocative symbols of ancient Egyptian culture, our Association’s initiatives are dedicated to preserving one of the world’s most enthralling archeological treasures, which continues to enchant entire generations of visitors.

Right from the association’s inception, the mission of Gli Scarabei, as ambassadors of the Egyptian Museum and of the city of Turin, has been to assiduously and passionately support them in their role as a center of excellence which valorizes Egyptian culture, in Italy and throughout the world.

We have always supported the restoration projects. Now we intend to open up to companies and to younger members who are devoted to this extraordinary place.

Francesca Lavazza

Gli Scarabei has become a concrete reality in Italy’s museum system and a fundamental element for the life of the Egyptian Museum of Turin.

Enrico Boglione

In upcoming years, the motto of our Association could be ‘To discover in order to improve, and to know in order to become known’.

Alessandro Nasi

Projects: Sarcophagi Gallery

The birth of Gli Scarabei

Celebrating the anniversary of the Egyptian Museum also means recognizing the important role of those associations and voluntary organizations that came into being for the purpose of spreading awareness of Egyptian antiquities and raising financial means, goods, and services to be made available to the museum.

A bit like satellites revolving around the Sun and reflecting its light – born in Turin in 2007 by three well-known professionals and entrepreneurs – Enrico Boglione, Antonio Maria Marocco and Carlo Re with the assent of the President of the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities Foundation of Turin, Alain Elkann – to contribute to the restoration and census of the Museum’s works, the realization of projects, scientific publications and organization of exhibitions and events, or even the promotion of any initiative and educational activity related to the Museum’s enhancement and culture.

These are the aims of its founding statute, and to fulfill them “Gli Scarabei – Association of Supporting Members of the Egyptian Museum of Turin” provides annual funding for the Museum, thanks to more than 200 members among the most representative personalities of civil society (such as leading figures from the world of economics, culture, fashion and industry from all around Italy), who over the years have teamed up with the intent of increasing the value of the Egyptian Museum as the cultural heritage of the area and have effectively contributed to raising Turin among the capitals of excellence in culture, art and lifestyle.

Peculiarities and value of donors

“Gli Scarabei” has thus been the first entity in Italy to accept the then-Minister Rutelli’s invitation for private individuals to adopt a Museum and to be inspired by the Anglo-Saxon model: donors, indeed, actively participate in the initiatives of cultural institutions and sponsor major restoration works.

In this country, and especially in times of greatest crisis and recession, a donor association is increasingly considered a godsend by many local governments and cultural institutions. That is why Gli Scarabei is setting the standard in this regard in terms of organization, skills and consistency.

However, it is not only a matter of supporting the Egyptian Museum of Turin by funding restorations and special initiatives; it is also necessary to bring its value to the world and make Gli Scarabei known to all lovers of Egyptian civilization who feel the need to protect its most precious artifacts and documents. Therefore, one of the strengths of Gli Scarabei is being driven by curiosity and desire for knowledge about what other donors associations do for other museums and collections around the world: “discover to improve and know to be known” could be the motto of our Association.

Support to the ACME

Since their founding, Gli Scarabei have supported the activities and publications promoted by the ACME (Associazione Amici Collaboratori del Museo Egizio), which was created in 1974 to disseminate the culture of Ancient Egypt and, even more importantly, to support the Museum where needed.

Conclusions and future perspectives

Gli Scarabei has been accompanying and supporting the Egyptian Museum of Turin for sixteen years now. Sixteen intense years of activities and initiatives preserving one of the most fascinating archaeological treasures that continues to enchant entire generations of visitors. The partnership with Gli Scarabei will be increasingly important in keeping the world’s second largest collection of Egyptian antiquities alive and in perfect preservation and will continue in the years to come. That is why Gli Scarabei will always stand next to the Museum, and the Museum ever closer to Gli Scarabei.