Drawing inspiration from the scarab beetle, one of the most evocative symbols of ancient Egyptian culture, our Association’s initiatives are dedicated to preserving one of the world’s most enthralling archeological treasures, which continues to enchant entire generations of visitors. Right from the association’s inception, the mission of Gli Scarabei, as ambassadors of the Egyptian Museum and of the city of Turin, has been to assiduously and passionately support them in their role as a center of excellence which valorizes Egyptian culture, in Italy and throughout the world.

 “We have always supported the restoration projects. Now we intend to open up to companies and to younger members who are devoted to this extraordinary place.”

Francesca Lavazza

“Gli Scarabei has become a concrete reality in Italy’s museum system and a fundamental element for the life of the Egyptian Museum of Turin.”

Enrico Boglione

 “In upcoming years, the motto of our Association could be ‘To discover in order to improve, and to know  in order to become known.’”

Alessandro Nasi
The Association’s Administrative body
Francesca LavazzaPresident
Gianluca FerreroVice president
Luca Glebb MiroglioVice president
Enrico BoglioneBoard Member
Marida CravettoBoard Member
Alain ElkannBoard Member
Carlo ReBoard Member
Fabrizio MoscaPresident
Alessandra RiordaMember
Guido GiovandoMember