Gli Scarabei

Since 2007, we have been supporting the activities of the Egyptian Museum in order to valorize the work and projects which make it one of the world’s most important collections. As ambassadors of the Egyptian Museum and the city of Turin, we help preserve the culture of Ancient Egypt, among the most fascinating cultures of all time.

One passion, many ways to foster it.

Kha’s book of the dead

Kha’s Book of the Dead, 13.80 meters long and containing  33 formulas, is a papyrus scroll meant to guide the architect and his wife Merit on their journey into the Afterlife. Thanks to an allocation of 25,000 Euros, the papyrus was removed by means of a special wooden wheel and restored.

The tomb of Kha

The tomb of the architect Kha and his wife Merit is one of the very few examples of a tomb which was still intact when found; it also one of the most important groups of artifacts in the Egyptian Museum’s collections. Gli Scarabei supported the restoration project - which involved various artifacts, in particular fabrics, tunics, wooden boxes and a twined bag for palm seeds - with an investment of approximately 40,000 Euros.